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What to Wear for the 4th

The 4th of July is just around the corner!

Quick history lesson: 242 years ago the 13 colonies claimed their independence from England and eventually this lead to the creation of the United States of America. This day of independence is what we know as the 4th of July.

Just like America, your kids are soon going to want to claim independence from you and all of the adorable outfits you put them in. So for the 4th, why not pick out the cutest little number while you still can!? To help you out, we have researched the latest fashion trends, matched the cutest pieces, and come up with the best 4th of July outfits for your babies! 


Nautical Sailor 
This look is bold and so American. Put your little ones in matching outfits or have them rock the look alone. We paired them with white tennies or sandals so they don't compete with the look. Finish it off with either a matching sailor hat or a white bow headband and your little sailor will be ready to awe the crowd. 


collage boys nautical navy sailor outfit with navy hat and white sneakers



collage of navy nautical girls sailor dress with white headband bow and scalloped white Target sandals




Classy and Cute
Prepare your little one for the parade during the day all the way through fireworks at night. The light blue fabric will keep them cool under the sun and the sandals will let their little toes breathe. Then, once the sun sets and it gets a little cooler, throw on a knit sweater. Don't forget a cute little accessory to keep them entertained! 


collage boys blue buttondown playsuit with lobster navy sweater and leather woven sandals and red crab rattle crochet toy

Sweater, Playsuit, Crab 


collage girls blue dress with collar and polkadot sweater and red Target heart sunglasses and white strappy sandals

Sweater, Dress



Casual Playtime
This extra light and airy fabric would be great for a day at the beach, park, or a BBQ with friends and family. Slip on a casual and comfy sandal like this great pair we found at Old Navy and get them a cute accessory like a star clip or hat. What a cute little patriot!


girl collage of red stripe and plaid seersucker dress with navy sandals and star hair clip



boys collage blue stripe and plaid playsuit with navy sandals and red and blue star bucket hats




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