HELLO WORLD! Joyfully introducing Zubels New Nursery Knit Dolls

HELLO WORLD! Joyfully introducing Zubels New Nursery Knit Dolls

IT'S FINALLY HERE...Our new collection of Zubels Nursery Knit Dolls! 

We are so excited to finally introduce this very special line of dolls that are waiting to be taken home and become your baby's new companion through infancy. 

All of our dolls are handmade with love by talented artisans in the Philippines. They are made with 100% Cotton knit ultra soft yarns and we use eco-friendly dyes because your little one's safety is our number one priority. 

This collection is particularly special to me, as it was my first collaboration as a designer with my fellow designer here at Zubels. The inspiration for this collection was mainly a soft pastel color palette that represents the softness and "baby aesthetic" of our Petit Ami line. We wanted to create a collection of baby knit dolls that were more exquisite and that would become the best gift for a newborn. Through this process, we wanted to emphasize the very special stage of infancy. We know that this stage is very short and special and that is why we wanted to create a collection as an homage to newborns. 


Here at Renzo Company we have our toys tested and graded safe for ages 0+. They are all tested and pass the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission Standards. Our toys are designed with you in mind, which also brings me to the point that they wash beautifully! And yes, in the machine, not by hand. Well, by hand if you’d like.

Please check the entire collection on our website!



The Design Team

jill irvin
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Creative Halloween Costumes for Kids 2020 with Zubels! | Petit Ami & Zubels    All Baby!

Creative Halloween Costumes for Kids 2020 with Zubels!

Find creative Halloween costume/outfit ideas for your kids with our Zubels collection!
jill irvin
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Why Organic Cotton is the BEST Choice for Baby Clothes and Blankets! | Petit Ami & Zubels    All Baby!

Why Organic Cotton is the BEST Choice for Baby Clothes and Blankets!

Your baby is precious which is why you only want to give them the best in life! We worry about what they eat, where they run too, but should we worry about what their skin touches? 

Babies Skin is very delicate and sensitive, especially as a newborn! Which is why it is so important to be selective of what clothes, blankets and toys you give your little one.

So Why Organic Cotton?

Its Safe and Non Toxic.

Cotton is from Nature, which makes it a great choice for babies clothes. Here at Petit Ami & Zubels we use only the highest quality Organic Cottons for our clothes and Toys. 

It is extremely important for babies to wear clothing and have blankets that are chemical free. This is because baby skin is 5x thinner, more absorbent and more sensitive than adult skin.

We make sure we use Earth Friendly Non-Toxic dyes on all of our items. Good for Baby and Earth. ❤️

Its Hypoallergenic.

Without harsh chemicals and processing Organic Cotton is naturally very soft and antimicrobial. This is important for babies skin and leaves a less likely chance for your baby to develop dermatitis, eczema and allergies. 

Conventional Cotton contains Chemical Residues that your baby will inhale as they wear it. By choosing organic, you can rest easy knowing your babies lungs are safe from any harsh chemicals and toxins. 

Its Soft and More Comfortable.

Cotton is Naturally Very Soft, But when it is processed and doused in chemicals it becomes harsh and scratchy. 

By Choosing Organic Cotton you are ensuring your baby will be wrapped in comfortable and cozy clothing that will let them rest easy. 


Its Better for the Earth.

Conventional Cotton uses TONS of Water to grow and process. It also uses harsh chemicals and pesticides that damage the earth and end up in the fibers of the cloth. 

Organic Cotton is much much better for the Earth. It uses no chemicals and most farmers use recycled rainwater while farming. 

Here at Petit Ami & Zubels we also use Non-Toxic Dyes that are Environmentally Friendly and Baby Safe.

Its Less Work for You!

Organic Cotton lasts a very long time when taken care of. It is machine washable and very easy to clean. Instead of fading or getting disheveled, Organic Cotton actually can get softer over each wash. 


Organic Cotton is the best choice for your Baby, the Earth and You! Which is why we are extremely proud to use it!

Jenna S.
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The 7 Best Stocking Stuffers for your Little Ones! | Petit Ami & Zubels    All Baby!

The 7 Best Stocking Stuffers for your Little Ones!

Christmas is just around the Corner and You Know What that Means! You already have the gifts... now what about the sock over the fireplace? 

Candy? Oh no... sugar rush! 

Socks? Uh... Thanks Mom.

Don't fret - We have got the best stocking stuffers that your kids will actually love!



T-Rex Dinosaur Crochet Dimple Rattle

Rrroooaaarrr! This itty-bitty T-Rex rattle has a big rattle roar! Suitable for newborns, infants or toddlers. Perfect for little hands to grasp!

  • 100% Cotton Yarn 

  • Eco-friendly Dyes

Find Him Here: https://www.petitami-zubels.com/collections/crochet-mini-dimples/products/t-rex-rattle


Giraffe Crochet Dimple Rattle

Gertie the Giraffe rattle is charming and timeless! Suitable for newborns, infants or toddlers




Train Bamboo Stick Rattle

Timmy the Train loves to shake and rattle! Locomotive on HTC Sense 7 




Mermaid and Pirate Keychains


This handcrafted key-chain is perfect to hang on school back packs, keys or duffles.



Grace the Angel

A special gift for your little Angel. Perfect for the Holiday Spirit!  

100% lovable & huggable but more importantly…machine washable!



Riley the Robot

A perfect gift for your little boy! Riley is very special, he recently moved to Earth after living on Pluto his whole life. He will share memories about his home planet if you share yours! Hugging is one of those new things for him, he never did it back home. But he loves it, so feel free to hug him all day long!  

100% Cotton and we use Eco-friendly dyes!



Dinosaur Cotton Knit Hat

Rawr! Keep them Cozy while looking cool. Handcrafted 100% cotton hats for newborns, infants, and toddlers. We use the finest baby soft yarns and eco-friendly colors.

Find it Here: https://www.petitami-zubels.com/collections/dinosaurs/products/dino-cotton-knit-hta


Jenna S.
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New Blogger Alert! | Petit Ami & Zubels    All Baby!

New Blogger Alert!

Hi Hi Hi! 

So you may be wondering, this isn't like our typical content - but I promise we will be posting more mommy tips, company updates and more fun stuff for you and your babies! 

But until then... 

I would just like to Introduce myself and say Hi! My Name is Ayden Nicole. I am the newest member of the Petit Ami-Zubels team. I am so excited to be apart of this amazing company. It's only been a few days and I've already been so warmly welcomed by everyone here. Ive got to say I am impressed already, they have great quality products and the office looks more like a toy store than a work place - which is very fun. I am excited to do marketing here and will be able to talk with all our lovely customers! 


So, in all future Blog Posts, and Social Media Posts I will be the gal behind the screen! Just thought it would be nice for people to know who I am and put a face to the words. 

I am so excited to work here and be able to see all the happy and stylish babies rockin' our gear! If you're interested in more blog posts and more fun content we have planned make sure to stay up to date on our blog posts and follow us on social media! 

... and since I promised more cute baby content. Here is me when I was 2. 

(I was a really cool kid.)

Looking forward to connecting with you all and getting the amazing opportunity to blog here! 

Catch you all later! 

-Ayden Nicole

Marketing Intern  

Robert Stone
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The Design Process

Get the inside scoop of our design process from the designers at Petit Ami and Zubels!
Jenna S.
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A Moms Advice to Her Younger Self

A mother of two, after 20 years, shares five key pieces of parenting advice. She reflects on what she would tell her younger self and all other young parents out there.
Jenna S.
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Smocking 101 | Petit Ami & Zubels    All Baby!

Smocking 101

Smocking is a sewing and embroidery technique that has been practiced for hundred of years. Come learn about the history and skill of smocking and get a sneak peak in what Petit Ami does!
Jenna S.
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What to Wear for the 4th

The 4th of July is a great time to dress up and show off your little one in red, white, and blue! We have put together the perfect outfits for the 4th that your babies, you, and the crowds will love!
Jenna S.
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Easy Summer Fun

Combat boredom this summer with these 10 fun and easy ideas! From cooking to camping, everyone will find something on our list that they are just dying to do. Check it out and get your fun summer started!
Jenna S.
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Petit Ami Bonnets | Petit Ami & Zubels    All Baby!

Petit Ami Bonnets

Sweet little babies look even sweeter in Petit Ami's bonnets! These bonnets are perfect for any little boy or girl and each one is designed with precise detail. Great for any occasion, your baby is sure to love these.
Jill Irvin
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Petit Ami children’s clothing

Petit Ami & Zubels Blog delivers insightful content, product reviews and beautiful photography covering Petit Ami children's clothing brands and Zubels dolls and gifts.
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