Ballerina Toys by Zubels

These sweet ballerinas love to leap and twirl! They're also super soft and wonderful to snuggle! Take them on all your adventures!

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zubels toy Zoe the Ballerina 14" knit
Zoe the Ballerina
zubels toy Eva The Ballerina   14"knit
Eva The Ballerina
zubels toy Betsie the Ballerina Bunny
Betsie the Ballerina Bunny
From $24.00
zubels toy 7" rattle Bella The Ballerina
Bella The Ballerina
From $21.00
zubels toy 4" Bunny Ballerina Crochet Dimple Rattle-4"
zubels toy Haley The Hedge Hog   12" knit
zubels toy Keychain Ballerina 4"
zubels toy Ballerina in White 12"
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zubels toy 8" sitting doll Sitting Bella the Ballerina
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