Smocking 101 - Petit Ami & Zubels    All Baby!

Smocking 101

Smocking is a sewing and embroidery technique that has been practiced for hundred of years. Come learn about the history and skill of smocking and get a sneak peak in what Petit Ami does!
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What to Wear for the 4th - Petit Ami & Zubels    All Baby!

What to Wear for the 4th

The 4th of July is a great time to dress up and show off your little one in red, white, and blue! We have put together the perfect outfits for the 4th that your babies, you, and the crowds will love!
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Petit Ami Bonnets - Petit Ami & Zubels    All Baby!

Petit Ami Bonnets

Sweet little babies look even sweeter in Petit Ami's bonnets! These bonnets are perfect for any little boy or girl and each one is designed with precise detail. Great for any occasion, your baby is sure to love these.
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Petit Ami children’s clothing

Petit Ami & Zubels Blog delivers insightful content, product reviews and beautiful photography covering Petit Ami children's clothing brands and Zubels dolls and gifts.
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