Easy Summer Fun

Easy Summer Fun

Summer is FINALLY here! Now, summer may mean vacation and all sorts of new excitement, but it also means a lot more free time and a lot more boredom. A bored summer is not a fun summer for adults and kids alike. So beat the boredom with fun and easy activities that wont break the bank or your back. 

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1. Cook up some fun 

Finding and following a tasty recipe is not only a fun way of teaching kids all sorts of things, but also has a reward at the end! One of our favorite summer treats to make are popsicles. We like popsicles because you can make them as healthy or as sinful as you want. Plus, they make a hot day a little cooler!

2. Get crafty 

Any little one is sure to have a blast when you kick out the crafts. Crafting is great because you can tailor it to any age level so everyone can get involved. Make it educational with science experiments like these. Make it useful by creating bird houses or picture frames. Or just make it silly with art like finger painting. 

3. Plan a picnic

Set up an easy peasy picnic either in your back yard or a nearby park! Pack some yummy snacks, bring a blanket, a ball, and have a blast! A picnic can make any boring meal special.

4. Chalk murals

Put your chalk skills to the test and hit the sidewalk. You can come up with your own creations, or try and replicate famous works of art. Who knows, you may have a little Picasso in your midst! 

5. Camp close by

Who says you need to drive 3 hours away to a secluded forest to get your camp on? Uh, NOBODY! Your little ones will have just as much fun camping in the back yard. Set up a tent, roast some marshmallows, catch fireflies, and cozy up under the stars. The nice thing is you will only be a few feet from home when you realize someone forgot their favorite stuffed animal!

6. Explore!

See what amazing nature lives around you! Hunt for critters, inspect flowers, get your hands a little dirty, and observe our beautiful world. You can either look close to home, or find a nearby nature center and help your kids connect with our earth!

7. Classic lemonade stand 

Although they probably wont make enough to help pay off your mortgage they sure will have some fun. Setting up a lemonade stand will occupy them for hours and give them memories for a lifetime.

8. Visit the beach

Plan a day trip to your local beach, lake, or pool. The beach offers so many fun activities. You can play in the sand, play with a ball, float around, get some exercise, or just relax and soak up the sun. Don't forget to grab the sunscreen! 

9. Bubbles galore

This activity is so simple but makes so many smiles. Just follow this easy giant bubble recipe and voilà! No more boredom!

10. Volunteer 

Why not give back during your summer? Volunteering can be so fun and you can feel good doing it, too. Start building a lifelong love of helping others in your little ones. This is a great website to find local volunteer opportunities! Check it out!


Be sure to visit our Pinterest for tons of summer fun. We have put together lists of easy activities, recipes, crafts, and cute summer looks just for you and your little ones.

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Happy summer!


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