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Our Zubels are handcrafted of 100% Super Soft Cotton. We make a variety of apparel, knit dolls, toys, knit rattles, hand crochet rattles, and beautiful hand knit hats, all using environmentally friendly processes and materials. Everything is machine washable and easy to care for. 
305 results
Kai The Tiger Knit Doll
From $28.75
Mr. Woofers the Dog Knit Doll
From $23.75
Ballerinas Knit Sweater
From $47.50
Freddy The Flying Frog Knit Doll
From $22.50 $75.00
Pony Knit Sweater
Bella The Knit Ballerina Doll
From $26.00 $90.00
Riley the Robot Knit Doll
Harriet the Bunny Knit Doll
From $23.75
Grace the Angel Knit Doll
From $26.00
Santa Claus Knit Doll
Train Knit Sweater
Ralphy the Reindeer Knit Doll
From $18.75 $23.75
Chloe the Kitty Knit Doll
From $25.00 $33.75
Collin the Bunny Knit Doll
From $23.75
Frank The Fireman Knit Doll
From $23.75
Cowleen The Cow Knit Doll
From $21.00
Pony Knit Hat
Kara Kindness Doll & Little Puppy
$34.00 $42.50
Frog Princess Knit Sweater
$37.50 $42.50
Lamb Knit Sweater in Pink
$40.00 $43.75
Frank E. Bolts Knit Doll
305 results
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