Girls Zubels

Zubels has many beautiful styles for girls - in most cases, a sweater has a matching hat or doll, some have toys!

Zubels apparel and toys offer a creative heirloom quality that your family will cherish. They make for beautiful, quality gifts.

115 results
Esther the Elf Knit Doll
Josie the Pony Knit Doll
Ballerinas Knit Sweater
From $47.50
Mermaid Knit Blanket
Bunny Knit Hat in Pink
Corey the Crab Knit Doll
Cheeky the Chicken Knit Sweater
$37.50 $43.75
Whale Knit Blanket
Pony Knit Sweater
Lobster Knit Sweater (Unisex)
From $45.00
Santa Knit Sweater (Unisex)
Lamb Knit Sweater in Pink
$40.00 $43.75
Lola the Lamb Knit Doll
From $30.00
Bella The Knit Ballerina Doll
From $26.00 $90.00
Roxanne the Guitar Knit Rattle
$21.25 $27.50
Mr. D the Humpty Dumpty Knit Doll
From $21.25 $26.25
Milly The Princess Knit Doll
From $26.25
Wally The Whale Knit Doll
From $25.00
Moose Knit Hat
Alligator Knit Hat
$16.00 $25.00
Bear Knit Hat - Pink
$18.00 $22.00
Bird Scarf Knit Hat
$16.00 $25.00
Crab Knit Hat
$16.00 $25.00
Elephant Knit Beanie Hat in Pink
$20.00 $25.00
Pig Knit Hat
$16.00 $25.00
Pony Knit Hat
Pumpkin Knit Hat
Reindeer Knit Hat
Snowman Cotton Knit Hat
Unicorn Knit Hat
115 results
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