Kai The Tiger Knit Doll

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Kai the tiger knit doll loves the jungle & cookies.

He loves exploring the jungle and meeting all types of new animals. He always brings along cookies to share with his new friends. He has two favorites snicker doodles & oatmeal cookies, no raisins. Go on an adventure with Kai to eat cookies and make new friends! 

Handmade in the Philippines using all natural 100% cotton yarns and eco-friendly dyes our tiger knit doll is a super soft stuffed animal friend that is also safe or babies, toddlers and kids of all ages! Our tiger knit doll is machine washable too for easy care so don't be afraid to let your child take Kai with on all their adventures!

7" rattle knit, 12" knit doll

  • 100% Cotton and we use Eco-friendly dyes.
  • Tested 100% safe by the U.S. Product Safety Commission Standards.
  • 100% lovable & huggable but more importantly…machine washable!
  • We have an excellent exchange & return policy. 
  • Handcrafted by artisans.  

Customer Reviews

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Kai The Tiger Knit Doll

Mary Rearic
Kai the Tiger Knit Doll

I wanted the doll, but I got the rattle, not the doll. I requested a return label, but did not get it. I called and emailed rstone and he said he’d send me the doll, but I haven’t gotten anything yet.

Tiffany Chiang
Item not Received

I have not received this item. I emailed an email address I was provided, but haven't heard a response. Can someone please help me with my order?

Phyllis Blankenship

Love the new little tiger!!

elizabeth nardi
Adorable and soft

It’s become my baby girl’s favorite snuggle buddy.