'Big Al' the Alligator - 100% Cotton Knit Doll

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Big Al the Alligator hand knit doll is a great stuffed animal for snuggling!

There's nothing scary about Big Al except for his BIG sweet tooth. He uses his enormous teeth for chomping on candy. His favorite candy is red licorice! "Mmm, mmm" he says as he chews. This Alligator hand knit doll is perfect for taking on trips to the zoo or the candy store!

 Available as a 7" rattle, 12" plush toy and 24" plush toy.    

  • Made with 100% cotton yarns and eco-friendly dyes.
  • Tested 100% safe by the U.S. Product Safety Commission Standards.
  • 100% lovable & huggable!
  • Machine washable, lay flat to dry. 
  • All details are sewn on instead of using small pieces.  
  • Handcrafted in the Philippines by artisans.  
  • A perfect hand knit doll for babies and toddlers. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Mandalyn King
My son’s favorite thing

This is the fourth “Big Al” we’ve had and my son LOVES them. Thank you!

Dominic Cassella
Have not received it yet.

I have not received it yet.

Elaine McGee

They just arrived today.
Thought he would get them for Christmas!
He didn’t care, but I did. 😢

Jamie T.
Can't live without them.

My son loves his 'Al" alligators. The current number he carries EVERYWHERE is three, two of the 24 inch and one 12 inch. And I've bought more than that. He is three and inevitably tares them up, usually I can fix them, but eventually I have to buy more. Which is fine because we couldn't do without them and this company gets them here so fast. The one time we did have trouble with shipping (xmas time) they really worked with me and I felt like my purchase really mattered. So thank you Petit Ami and Zubels you make awesome toys!

Shelua Stamper
Big Al