Head Zu-Keeper

"Hi!" Head Zu-Keeper Robert here – Want to know a little bit about how I became the head Zu-Keeper?

Well, nearly 25 years ago my brother and I took over the family business. Like our father, we are passionate about bringing special heirloom quality clothing to our customers. In recent years we were lucky enough to stumble upon some amazing artisans in the Philippines who craft by hand, beautiful soft knit toys.

Interested in bringing these special knit toys to our customers we had our design team get to work! They created precious animals and characters for infants and toddlers to grow with, love and adore for years to come. We call these hand-knit toys our Zubels.

...and that is how I became the Head Zu-Keeper. You see I keep track of all these toys. We started with a simple line of 10 Zubels in 2007 and have now grown to over 150 different animals and characters.


Our Zubels are 100% Cotton (some organic) made with eco-friendly low-impact dyes. We also use minimal packaging to reduce environmental waste. Each Zubel is stuffed by hand making them super huggable and totally lovable. Here at Renzo we have our toys are tested and graded safe for ages 0+ or ALL AGES. They are all tested and pass all United States Consumer Product Safety Commission Standards.

Our loyal customers: 

have been buying our heirloom quality garments from boutiques for over 50 years. Since adding Zubels in 2007 our design team has also added whimsical hats and sweaters (some to match).

Our Staff: 

Creative designers recognized a need for an eco-friendly yet purposeful toy whose only requirement was a little love and imagination.

Our Hope:

To create a wonderful experience for you and your child. Every Zubels doll has a distinct personality just like every child! Our toys are designed with you in mind. That being said...they wash beautifully as well.


Please email me, the head Zu-keeper at rstone@zubels.us and I will get back to you within 24 hoursunless I’m on safari looking for inspiration for our next Zubels animal.

Wishing you the best-

Robert Stone ...Head Zu-Keeper
rstone@zubels.us       1-888-BABYNET