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Why Organic Cotton is the BEST Choice for Baby Clothes and Blankets!

Your baby is precious which is why you only want to give them the best in life! We worry about what they eat, where they run too, but should we worry about what their skin touches? 

Babies Skin is very delicate and sensitive, especially as a newborn! Which is why it is so important to be selective of what clothes, blankets and toys you give your little one.

So Why Organic Cotton?

Its Safe and Non Toxic.

Cotton is from Nature, which makes it a great choice for babies clothes. Here at Petit Ami & Zubels we use only the highest quality Organic Cottons for our clothes and Toys. 

It is extremely important for babies to wear clothing and have blankets that are chemical free. This is because baby skin is 5x thinner, more absorbent and more sensitive than adult skin.

We make sure we use Earth Friendly Non-Toxic dyes on all of our items. Good for Baby and Earth. ❤️

Its Hypoallergenic.

Without harsh chemicals and processing Organic Cotton is naturally very soft and antimicrobial. This is important for babies skin and leaves a less likely chance for your baby to develop dermatitis, eczema and allergies. 

Conventional Cotton contains Chemical Residues that your baby will inhale as they wear it. By choosing organic, you can rest easy knowing your babies lungs are safe from any harsh chemicals and toxins. 

Its Soft and More Comfortable.

Cotton is Naturally Very Soft, But when it is processed and doused in chemicals it becomes harsh and scratchy. 

By Choosing Organic Cotton you are ensuring your baby will be wrapped in comfortable and cozy clothing that will let them rest easy. 


Its Better for the Earth.

Conventional Cotton uses TONS of Water to grow and process. It also uses harsh chemicals and pesticides that damage the earth and end up in the fibers of the cloth. 

Organic Cotton is much much better for the Earth. It uses no chemicals and most farmers use recycled rainwater while farming. 

Here at Petit Ami & Zubels we also use Non-Toxic Dyes that are Environmentally Friendly and Baby Safe.

Its Less Work for You!

Organic Cotton lasts a very long time when taken care of. It is machine washable and very easy to clean. Instead of fading or getting disheveled, Organic Cotton actually can get softer over each wash. 


Organic Cotton is the best choice for your Baby, the Earth and You! Which is why we are extremely proud to use it!

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