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Thanks to Zubels for the sample. All thoughts expressed are my own.
Football season has arrived, and while we've never really been big football fans at my house in the past, this year, we're all about cheering for our local team, the Carolina Panthers! My son has shown particular interest in football this season, so we're making an effort to catch some of the games and do fun things like 'tailgating at home.' My grandfather-in-law and brother-in-law are both big football fans, so it shouldn't be super surprising to me that my son has picked up on a love for all things football!

Even the littlest fans can have fun this football season, with beautifully crafted dolls from Zubels! We love Zubels soft dolls, toys, and children's apparel. In fact, Bean already has two Zubels dolls which she plays with on a daily basis. Zubels is owned and operated by head Zu-Keeper, Robert Stone. Robert and his brother took over their family business several years ago, and they have a passion for providing families with beautiful heirloom clothing and accessories. They also love beautifully crafted cotton dolls, and now have an extensive selection of over 150 Zubels!
There are so many adorable Zubels dolls to choose from- a perfect doll for every special boy and girl in your life. We have a beautiful princess doll and a Santa doll, which we absolutely love. We're also excited to introduce a handsome little football player to our family of soft dolls this season!
Bean loves this cute football doll and immediately recognized that it was similar to her Santa doll and princess doll from Zubels.
Our plan is to share this sweet football player doll with our newest family member! He's such a sweet little guy, and I have a feeling that he'll be a football fan, just like his dad! This soft cotton doll is dressed like a football player from head to toe- complete with a football helmet and cleats! This doll is the perfect size for little hands to hold and is sure to become a cherished toy! 
Football Doll Features
Football Players come in 10 different fun team colors. 
Zubels are Knit one by one by artisans in a small island in the Philippines. 
These Dolls are made of highest quality 100% cotton so soft so huggable.
Zubels dolls have been tested safe by the United States safety requirements.
All Zubels dolls are machine washable.
Your children will cherish Zubel dolls forever!
This sweet doll would make such a wonderful gift or stocking stuffer this holiday season. We absolutely love its features and we're looking forward to seeing our nephew give this little doll lots of love and attention as he grows!
Want it? Get it!
Head on over to Zubels to check out their entire collection of beautiful Artisan-crafted soft dolls! I am certain that you'll love these dolls as much as we do! Zubels also offers beautiful sweaters, hats, and playwear for little ones!
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Thanks so much to our friends at Zubels for allowing us to share about their adorable dolls! Be sure to look for them in our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!
Which Zubels doll would you love to gift this holiday season?

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