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Our Zubels hand-knit dolls are so cuddly and soft because they're made from 100% all-natural cotton fibers & eco-friendly dyes! Available in a variety of size ranges, these whimsical knit dolls make the perfect companion for your little one to hold all day & night long. 

Zubels dolls are handmade in the Philippines by artesian knitters giving each doll its own unique personality.  All details and embellishments are knit instead of using small pieces which make these hand-knit dolls ideal for babies and children of all ages! Zubels hand-knit dolls are also easy to care for, just machine wash and lay flat to dry!

156 results
Mr. D the Humpty Dumpty Knit Doll
From $21.25 $26.25
Chloe the Kitty Knit Doll
From $25.00 $33.75
Speckles the Owl Knit Doll
$22.50 $28.75
Owl Stick Rattle
Little 'Bow' Peep Knit Doll
From $28.75
Mac the Farmer Pig Knit Doll
$25.00 $30.00
Milly The Princess Knit Doll
From $26.25
Only 3 left!
Wesley the Wolf Knit Doll
Kara Kindness Doll & Little Puppy
$34.00 $42.50
Riley the Robot Knit Doll
Loki the Lion Knit Doll
Timmy The Train Knit Doll
Harriet the Bunny Knit Doll
From $23.75
Collin the Bunny Knit Doll
From $23.75
Lola the Lamb Knit Doll
From $30.00
Grace the Angel Knit Doll
From $26.00
Frank E. Bolts Knit Doll
156 results
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