Hand-Knit Dolls & Rattles

Zubels hand-knit dolls & rattles make a perfect little treasure for little hands! Handmade with love in the Philippines using 100% all-natural cotton fibers & eco-friendly dyes these hand-knit dolls and rattles are perfect for babies and children of all ages!

These whimsical handmade dolls and rattles make the perfect companion for all of your little ones adventures and they are machine washable for easy clean-up. Coming in a variety of sizes and colors there is sure to be a favorite Zubels friend for every child.

110 results
Zsa Zsa the Zebra Knit Doll
Loki the Lion Knit Doll
Haddie the Hippo Knit Doll
Flora the Fox Knit Doll
Forrest the Fox Knit Doll
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Fawn the Baby Deer Knit Doll
Lou the Llama Knit Doll
Dumbbell Knit Rattle
Esther the Elf Knit Doll
Everett the Knit Elf Doll
Wally The Whale Knit Doll
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Grace the Angel Knit Doll
From $26.00
110 results
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