Boys Holiday Products by Zubels

Zubels and Petit Ami have a wonderful collection of holiday styles and festive toys to choose from. All these make beautiful gifts throughout the season as well as complete your child's wardrobe. Happy Holiday shopping with us!

Zubels uses ALL environmentally friendly processes and materials for ALL our baby hats, knit toys, and baby sweaters.

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zubels toy 7" rattle Harriet the Bunny
Harriet the Bunny
From $19.00
zubels toy 7" rattle Collin the Bunny
Collin the Bunny
From $19.00
zubels toy Reindeer Ralphy 7" 7 12"
Ralphy the Reindeer
From $16.00
zubels toy Reindeer-14"
Rory the Reindeer
zubels sweater 9M Snowman Cotton Sweater
Boo the Pumpkin Kitty
Boo the Pumpkin Kitty
zubels toy Esther the girl Elf 12"
zubels toy 7" rattle Frank E. Bolts
Frank E. Bolts
From $22.00
zubels toy Holiday Girl Doll 12"
Holly the Holiday Ballerina
zubels sweater 6M Snowman Cotton Sweater
zubels toy Everett the boy Elf 12"
zubels toy Santa Mr Claus
Mr. Claus
From $19.00
zubels toy Marley the Moose 14"
zubels sweater 6M Reindeer Cotton Sweater
zubels toy Pumpkin-5"
zubels sweater 6M Reindeer Cotton Sweater
zubels sweater 6M Santa Cotton Sweater
zubels sweater 6M Christmas Tree Cotton Sweater
zubels sweater 6M Reindeer Cotton Sweater
zubels hat 0/6m Snowman Cotton Knit Hat
Stylish Kit
Stylish Kit
zubels toy Snowman - 14"
Mittens the Snowman
zubels toy Rooney the Reindeer 12"
zubels toy Ruby the Reindeer 12"
Pumpkin Cotton Knit Sweater
Pumpkin Cotton Knit Sweater
zubels hat 0/6 Pumpkin Cotton Knit Hat
zubels hat 0/6 Reindeer Cotton Knit Hat
Reindeer Cotton Knit Hat
zubels sweater 6M Christmas Cotton Tree Sweater
zubels sweater Elf cotton Sweater
zubels hat 0/6 Santa Cotton Knit Hat
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